String translations

These string translations are shipped with every release of Schoolsplay/Childsplay_sp.
In the table you can check if they are still up to date with the latest release.
If you want to help make translations, please check HowtoTranslation or contact the mailinglist.
To get the latest pot file, that is po file without any translations, click this link

Important, please read
In the pofile you'll find, amongst 'normal' strings, 68 animal names which belongs to the 'Flashcards' activity.
The translation of these animal names is only useful if you can also provide the localized soundfiles.
If you don't provide the soundfiles there's no need to translate the animal names.

You can download the latest po file by clicking the link in the 'Pofile' column
(At this moment the stats are not correct. In most cases the number of untranslated strings is higher)

Language Pofile Maintainer
ar Arabic moc.liamg|ahatriznum#ahaT riznuM
ca Catalan moc.liamg|odnarref.selrac#odnarreF selraC
de German ten.etsopal|nielk.sukram#nielK sukraM
el Greek rg.oohay|71yfntt#sidinamaksaK sinnaY
es Spanish moc.liamg|soiponorc#zehcnaS saitaM euqirnE
fr French moc.liamg|32nezasi#zasi
it Italian ti.ypmuj|raccuzuj# werdnA
nb Bokmål moc.negirts|xunil# dnalrohT dlaraH roT
nl Dutch moc.liamg|zciweiktyz.sats#zciweiktyZ satS
pl Polish moc.liamg|alyhc.alimak#alyhC alimaK
pt Portuguese tp.acigamaxiac|agnirom.oivalf#agniroM oivalF
pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese moc.liamg|hulfnessiewnovleinad#hulfnessieW nov leinaD
ro Romanian moc.liamelgoog|99nosdrahcirbp#nosdrahciR luaP
sl Slovenian gro.xibfua|r#kivduL treboR
uk Ukranian moc.liamg|kybudjihres#kybuD jihreS
ru Russian moc.liamg|keigres#vokmoK yegreS
hu Hungarian moc.liamg|girobmoz#irobmoZ ygr��yG


One of the activities, packid, uses a localized wordslist. This wordlist is just a plain text file containing about
50 words suitable for children in the age between 5 and 10.
The following wordlists are available.

Language Code
Arabic AR
Catalan CA
German DE
English EN
Spanish SP
French FR
Hebrew HE
Indonesian ID
Dutch NL
Norwegian NO
Portuguese PT

Alphabet Sounds

We use sound files that contain the spoken letters from the alphabet.

You can download the latest soundfiles by clicking the link in the 'language' column

Language Code
Bulgarian BG
Catalan CA
German DE
Greek EL
Spanish ES
French FR
British GB
Italian IT
Bokmål NB
Dutch NL
Portugese PT
Romanian RO
Russian RU
Slovenian SL
Swedish SV

Windows and Mac users do not need to download these files, they are included in the binary package.

Please contact the mailinglist if you are planning to provide sound files for more info about the format.
These sound files must be in ogg format, named a.ogg, b.ogg etc.
They should contain one spoken letter in your language.
For example the English alphabet sound files package contains 26 sound files but the russian contains 68 soundfiles because they use more letters than the 26 from the Latin alphabet.

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