This is the TODO list for the schoolsplay project.
For details about these things, ask information on the mailinglist.


  • Icons for the activities as well as category icons.
  • Background with logo for the default theme (Done: Joshua)
  • Cleanup images currently used in the memory activity.
  • Letter images instead of 'real' letters currently used in memory ?


  • Put it into SVN :-)
  • (re)write the text for the website.


  • howto sql stuff
  • howto develop activity
  • howto SP sprite implementation
  • howto translate SP

Packaging and install tools:

  • Create installers for Windows,OSX, GNU/Linux.
  • For GNU/Linux we should refactor the from childsplay.

SQL dbase:

  • 'admin' app with a ocempgui based gui.

This app should be used to add users to the dbase and handle the SQL table data like export to csv lists etc.

  • Add support for mySql. The sql binding used in SP is sqlqlchemy so adding mysql support would be trivial.
  • Create simple pygame based diagrams from the 'score' data entry.

(See also 'development' for a explanation)


  • Create a 'score' value which is to be stored into the sql dbase.

(For example memory: score = 70% cards turnt + 30% time spend / whatever to get a number 1-10)

  • Add methods to the DataManager class to extract data from sql.
  • create simple diagrams from score values.
  • develop activities.
  • —menus must fallback on the default theme so that another theme could only implement a background

and the rest will be used from the default theme.—(done: stas)

  • Make MainCore use the options from the optionparser.
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