Outline for the THEMA proposal from Markus Klein.
(Original outline is available here: ThemaOrg)

SP should be running in kiosk-mode, meaning there's no need for a keyboard.
(stas: I've already implemented a keyboard widget)

The menu would be a multilayer menu with three sub-menus.
mouse training, visual tasks, verbal / acoustic tasks.

A 'medical' theme would probably be needed, Markus thought of a brain as
background image.
(markus:"..Maybe there is a picture of the frontal view of a brain in
the background. In this way the visual and the verbal symbols a placed on the correct
hemisphere of the brain…")
The rest of the theme could be standard as it's already rather 'clinical'.

Every activity should be introduced by a small and short, 2 second, animation
explaining the purpose. (stas: don't think is possible)

The admin interface should be accessible from anywhere in SP by using a key combination.
(stas: we use existing apps to admin the dbase and every activity has it's score graph widget)

Mouse training:
Fish activity, much like the fishtank in Gcompris.
Level should be like, 1 a few slow fish, 2 smaller fish fish from left and right, 3 some fish are faster, 4 fish avoid nearby
mouseclicks, 5 combination 3+4, 6 combination of 2+5.
Data collecting:
(markus:"…time to finish every level and a measure for the strategy (is the way of the mouse arrow systematically from left to right + up to down or diagonal ? - the first is better and gets more points, the later is worse and gets less points…")

(stas: I can imagine we also add an activity which moves stuff vertical.)

Visual tasks:
Tangram activity, data should be logged for the time it takes to finish a figure.
Traffic puzzle from Gcompris. (stas: don't know it, have to look)
(markus: "…Data could be logged for time to finish every level and number of perseverative moves (How often is a bar moved without any solution)…"

Memory activities
(stas: done)

Tower of Hanoi activity.
Number of moves and time to finish.

verbal/acoustic tasks:
Soundmemory, with sounds, spoken letters, music instuments etc.
Same as with visual memory.
(markus:"…The sound of the previous item should instantly be
interrupted by the next click/item. Patients are disturbed by delays
when the computer does not react….")

Reading lessons from Gcompris.
Log errors.

Letter recognition from Childsplay.
Datacollecting:time to finish and the number of errors for each letter/number.

Sounds of animals/instruments recognition from Childsplay.
The number of errors.

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