Welcome to the Schoolsplay Wiki

This is the Wiki for the Schoolsplay project.
The main development takes place at SourceForge.

This wiki is not open to everybody, if you want to have access please contact us.
You can reach us at www.schoolsplay.org
Or send an email moc.liamg|yalpsloohcs#moc.liamg|yalpsloohcs.

This Wiki is used to keep track of our ideas.

If you have a great idea for schoolsplay get as quickly as you can to and add your ideas.
We also started a RoadMap.

For a 'things to do' list see the ToDo page.
Please send a message to the mailinglist if your planning to work on some of the todo items

Schoolsplay users and administrators can find Howtos and tutorials at the UserDocs

The technical documentation for schoolsplay can be found at the DevDocs.

Current development

The development of schoolsplay is now focussed on the GTK based version which is targeted to
the OLPC XO laptop
However this version runs also on any platform that has the GTK libraries installed.
You can find more info about the XO version at schoolsplayXO

Another implementation will be the plan suggested by Markus.
The plan is called 'THEMA' and you can see the outline on the Thema page.
The 'THEMA' implementation is meant to be used as a training tool in a neurological clinic
which treats patients with illness affecting the brain.

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