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* Use ocempgui widget set for the SP main menu and buttons so that it would be possible to localize the buttons.
Using ocempgui we can construct a GTK like GUI for the admin


* Use XML to construct the main menu for the activities. By using a XML file, users could setup there own menu.
(Done: stas)


* Use a XML file to describe the menu. XML would be easy for users to change to suite there needs.
See MenuXMLfile for an example.

(Done: stas)


* What data should be collected? Is this data collection driven by the Data Manager or provided to the Data Manager by the plugin?
(stas) It must be provided by the activity, we don't know what the data from a activity would be.

* If the plugin collects all the data, should the Data Manager provide a common list of collectable things? Things to collect: Name, level, time, result, …
(stas) I think the DM could provide some common things which will be the same on any activity indeed.


* Thinking about the Data manager stuff chris mentioned, I think we should provide a login screen when running in non-kioskmode so that the DM knows about the user.
(Done: stas)

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