Thanks To...

These programs would not have been possible without the help of several contributors.

In no particular order:

  •, A fine software company who provided a lot of GPL licensed images and supports the development of Childsplay. (Dutch site)
  • Qiosq, The company who supports the development of Childsplay and develops a Childsplay version called braintrainer +. (Dutch site)
  • Wysiwich, who made extra hand logos and new letters for Childsplay and Cognitionplay
  • Joshua, who made some artwork and the hand logo
  • Robert Wadley, who made a new theme for Childsplay and the hand drawn letters of Schoolsplay
  • all translators, who always provide excellent up-to-date translations
  • Markus Klein, who inspired us to make Cognitionplay

If you feel you should be included on this page, please let us know!
Many people have helped us in the past, not all are still in our mailbox unfortunately.

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