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Cognitionplay is a variant of Childsplay_sp but tailored to be used in a hospital to treat patients with mental diseases.
The differences are mainly in the selection of activities, looks and sounds.
The patients would be older or elderly people so the look and feel will be less 'childish' than in Childsplay_sp.
The development of this variant is done in cooperation with a therapist from a Austrian clinic.
The code for this version is available in SVN branch 'childsplay_sp'.


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No further special activities yet, see the Childsplay page.


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Markus has made a CD-ROM booklet that can be used while distributing CognitionPlay.
The booklet in PDF format can be downloaded here: CognitionPlay_booklet.pdf
The original Scribus files in English can be downloaded here:
The original Scribus files in German can be downloaded here:

Scribus is an open source desktop publishing program and it's homepage can be found on

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