Schoolsplay-xo FAQ

What's an XO laptop?
It's the name of the $100 laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project.
See their website for more info

Why do you want schoolsplay on the XO?
I believe that the one of best way to help people in developing nations is to provide them with
proper education and the OLPC project aims to do just that.
A project like schoolsplay which tries to teach basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetics
belongs on the XO.
And the fact that they send me a laptop :-)

Why not use pygame like the 'normal' schoolsplay
The window manager used on the XO is Python/GTK based so it's much easier to use GTK
then pygame which requires hacks to run properly.

What's with the arithmetics, where's the fun part?
There's no fun part.
Schoolsplay-xo is intended to be used in classrooms and 'fun' would distract the child from the tasks.
Also the XO is a modest system and playing sound and animations would use a lot of it's resources.

Why not use GCompris, it's GTK based.
GCompris has many good points but it tends to be a bit heavy and it brings it own Python bindings to GTK
which is not needed on the XO which uses pyGTK.
Also schoolsplay has already a very stable and secure way of supporting all the major database systems
which would be difficult to implement in another project.

For which ages are the activities meant
They are meant for children between 7 and 10 years old.

Is there an idea behind the way the activities are setup?
Yes, the activities will be setup according to the learning method used in most Dutch schools
TODO: add more explanation

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