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unfortunatly nobody looks into the forum. Please write all bug reports to the mailing list.



The software presents this problem afte the installation when i tried to run first time:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/cognitionplay", line 32, in <module>
from childsplay_sp.SPOptionParser import OParser
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/childsplay_sp/", line 24, in <module>
from SPVersion import optversion
File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/childsplay_sp/", line 2, in <module>
import ocempgui
ImportError: No module named ocempgui

What kind of specific problem presents/displays? Did i need some additional library?

Thanks for help.

problem after installation by ellanosellanos, 01 Oct 2008 02:47

BTW: I deleted everything of 0.6.8 and installed 0.6.9
I hope it will work flawlessly now


I downloaded 0.6.9 and cleaned out the old (0.6.8) version ("python uninstall") before "python install"-ation.
But there are 2 little problems on my gentoo-installation.
1.) The darkening bug
2.) In <find_the_letter> the solution is not shown automatically. The letters stay in red color all the time.
Actually these 2 problems were already here with 0.6.8 after upgrade from 0.6, but I hoped it would be cleaned out by 0.6.9

How can I make an even cleaner install ?


v0.6.9 / gentoo linux by Mox MarkusMox Markus, 25 Jul 2007 08:28


The progress report of find_letters always shows the same for all logins on our kiosk_computer (Win98, schoolsplay 0.6.8).
Can anybody reproduce that ?
I attach the link to 3 examples where the progress report always is the same.

Windows 0.6.9
Mox MarkusMox Markus 19 Jul 2007 07:49
in discussion Schoolsplay / Releases » Windows 0.6.9


I found the new release by chance. I saw that schoolsplay shows the versionnumber at startup. Are there other changes as well ?


Windows 0.6.9 by Mox MarkusMox Markus, 19 Jul 2007 07:49
Windows 0.6.8
SP_AdminSP_Admin 26 Jun 2007 18:13
in discussion Schoolsplay / Releases » Windows 0.6.8

Hi all,

I just made the 0.6.8 installer. (finally!)
Limited language support: english, catalan, espagnol and dutch.
Icon is now added to the executable.

You can find it at:



Windows 0.6.8 by SP_AdminSP_Admin, 26 Jun 2007 18:13

I have the honour to write the first post here.
Since some time I cd-burn copies of Version 0.6.6 with the 'find_letter training' to people who need to improve in their reading capabilities here ..
My next feature-wish would be Tangram and/or Traffic Jam Puzzle.

OK. This was the inaugurating post for this forum.
I am already looking forward to everything that was discussed in the devel-mailing-list.

greetings to everybody

inaugurating post by Mox MarkusMox Markus, 19 Jun 2007 07:13
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